Even when top management gets an organization of to a good start, there are no guarantees that the success will continue. Managerial techniques leading to success in the past will not necessarily lead to success in the future. The question remains whether experience from the past represents a good teacher of the future. There are no guarantees because the future is insecure, hard to predict and constantly changing.

The crucial factor in such ever-changing environment becomes the organisational readiness to change in order to respond effectively to the demands around them. The management challenge is not only to attain strategic and operational goals but also to sustain that level of success over time.

This seminar represents an introduction to the change management topic. Using the mixture of both business theory and practice, participants will learn the crucial factors leading to change, ways that companies react or do not react when faced with change and corporate reorganizations as a product of change.

The seminar is designed for middle and top management, operating in the ever-changing business environment, demanding of them swift reaction and adjustment.