Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing. – Warren Bennis, «On Becoming a Leader»

In today’s complex business world, a good leadership becomes a crucial of component of success. For more then 60 years now, both leadership theory and practice are trying to explain what good leadership is. However, the only definition which unites majority of the experts states the following:

1. Leadership is a complex phenomenon that includes excercising the influence and power in organization over different set of people, processes and situations.
2. Good leaders are not born but made, through experience and self management (continuous education and self-insights)
3. Being a good manager is not the same as being a good leader. Manager does the task, leader creates it. Manager lights the fire underneath employees’ feet, leader lights the fire in their hearts.

The purpose of this 1-day intensive seminar is to guide the participants through the complexity of leadership on a simple and practical way. Inspired by the leading examples from the global business scene, we will introduce our participants to the following topics:

  • effective leadership that produces breakthroughs in productivity and effectiveness throughout an organization
  • motivation and inspiration of others
  • self-management
  • teambuilding
  • change management.

The leadership seminar is an introduction into modular leadership trainings, that provide in-depth knowledge of the topics stated above. After the seminar, each participant can choose a modul which he/she thinks is most suitable for the purposes of his/her company. Additionaly, modular trainings can be adjusted to the particular individual needs of every company.

The seminar is designed for top and middle management, entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to improve their leadership skills.

Lecturer: Ratka Jurković MIB