«Motivation is about cultivating your human capital. The challenge lies not in the work itself, but in you, the person who creates and manages the work environment.»

Motivation is one of the most complex challenges for management today. The crucial question is how to make employees achieve both operational and personal goals within the organization. The complexity of motivation first of all stems from the psychographic, social and demographic differences of both employees and managers. What motivates one person to do a good job can be counterproductive in the motivation of another person. Second, motivation is dependent upon the organizational structure, job design and corporate culture. Lastly, due to changes in corporate environment, the motivating factors of predominantly industrial society are not sufficient in the nowadays high-tech era. One thing is certain, in each task in which goal achievement is dependent upon other people, their motivation becomes a crucial limiting factor.

The purpose of this 1-day intensive seminar is to guide the participants through the complexity of motivation on a simple and practical way. Some of the topic we will cover:

1. psychology of the employee motivation
2. different tools of motivation
3. motivation in different organizational contexts

Lecturer: Ratka Jurković MIB